Tuesday, 10/9/18- B Day


Do you think the new thicker plastic cup works better? Why or why not?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Cup Contrast” p.17 (Right Side). Head p.17 properly with “Cup Contrast Classroom Test-10/8/18″.
  2. Introduce Problem– I enjoy a cold iced coffee from the Doughnut Inn, but the ice melts quickly and the drink waters down & warms up. The shop sells a new cup that they claim keeps a drink colder for a longer time. So I buy one, but it’s expensive! I’m wondering whether the new cup really works better. Turn & Talk- Do you think the new cup works better? Why or why not?
  3. Set up ISN p.17– Write the question- Why is the new cup better than the regular cup? Set up the data table. Set up a T-chart below the Data Table with “What We Notice” and “What We Wonder.”
  4. DemonstrationCup Contrast Classroom Test- Record initial temperature of ice water in each of the following containers- regular plastic cup, new thick plastic cup, thin metal cup (like water bottles), thick metal cup (like thermos). Write down things you can see or feel in the “What we notice” column. Record second and third temperatures.  Share “What we notice” with full class.