Wednesday, 10/17/18- B Day- Block Schedule Periods 1, 3, 5, & 7


How can we design a cup to keep a drink cold?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do NowInvent your own superhero. Advise a person who wants to become a superhero. What ideas do you have for a name, outfit, logo, superpower, gadgets, transportation, etc? Write a step-by-step guide for how to become a superhero.
  2. Cold Cup Challenge Introduction (Turn & Talk)– Your goal is to make a regular plastic cup better at keeping a drink cold. Turn & talk to share ideas for materials & design.
  3. Cold Cup Challenge Initial Design– You will work in groups of 3 and have the following different materials to use (felt, cotton, cardboard, foil, etc.). You are welcome to bring supplies from home that are pre-approved by teacher & parents & agreed upon by your design group. In ISN p.22, diagram an initial design and ask questions you could investigate to find answers that will help your design. You do not need to agree on a design right now.
  4. Brain Break Video SegmentYou Can’t See This and How Optical Illusions Trick Your Brain
  5. Driving Question Board (DQB)– Look back on the questions on ISN p.17 (“What We Wonder”) and on p.22, as well as any questions that came to you while you worked on the Initial Model. Choose the most compelling or interesting question and write it on an index card, big and bold, using the colored marker assigned to your class. These are the questions that it is our mission to answer! Share the question and organize it on the DQB in the following categories: What’s going on when something warms up or cools down, How the cup influences warming up or cooling down, other design features of cups that we need to know about.
  6. Ideas for Investigation– Jot down new ideas for investigations based on the DQB. For example, think of an investigation that we can do to figure out the answer to the question- What do you think is different about cold water compared to warmed water? Or consider what part of the model makes the more sense to explore first and why?
  7. Exit Tweet– Something is happening to the water in the cold drink when it warms up. More of this is happening in the thin plastic cup and less in the thick plastic cup. Why is the new cup better than the regular cup?