Monday, 10/22/18- A Day

Lesson Question

What’s happening to the drink as it warms up?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do NowCopy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Warming Up” p.25 (Right Side). Head p.25 properly with “Observations-Warming Up-10/22/18″.
  2. Circle– Last week, we came up with some interesting questions we wanted to answer. Our questions are going to help us figure out what’s going on as the drink inside the cups warm up and how the new cup keeps the drink colder for longer. Let’s review some of the things we figured out. What did we just do?  What are some of the discoveries we made from our observations? What are some of the ideas we had about how the drink warms up? What did we decide would be useful for exploring these ideas? What are our next steps? We want to figure out what is happening to the drink as it warms up so we can prevent it or slow it down in our design challenge.
  3. Brainstorm what’s happening to something as it warms up? (Turn & Talk)– Use the Communicating in Scientific Ways sentence starters on ISN p.14 to discuss the following questions: What do you think is different about the water as it warms up? If the water warmed up even more, like the cup with the question mark, what would be different about the water from the time before? What would we see if we could zoom in to the very cold water and compare it to the warmer water?
  4. Make predictions & set up ISN p.25– We have some different ideas about what’s happening inside the drink as it warms up, so to investigate these changes further, we’ll compare cups of water at different temperatures & test them to see if there are any differences. We’ll use food coloring to “see” the water. Share your predictions about what you expect to see when you add food coloring to water of different temperatures. How do you think these observations will help us investigate what’s happening to a drink when it warms up? On ISN p.25, sketch the lab set up.

Home Learning

ISN Self-Reflection in Google Classroom is due on Friday, 10/26