Wednesday, 10/24/18- A Day- Block Schedule Periods 1, 3, 5, & 7

Lesson Question

What’s happening to the drink as it warms up?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Lab Diagram” p.24 (Left Side). Head p.24 properly with “Lab Diagram-Warming Up-10/24/18″.
  2. Initial Ideas Discussion– Share our observations of what we saw by describing those observations clearly. Make sure we saw similar things and see if anyone noticed something different from other groups. Each group share an observation. Then share explanations for how & why food coloring moved in water & why it moved differently.
  3. Lab Diagram & Scientific Language Key Term– Set up ISN p.24. Draw zoomed-in bubbles to use as a model. Observe the Heating and Cooling a Liquid simulation. It may help us explain our food coloring observations. Think about how to draw particles and how to represent different kinds of motion of particles. Water is made of the same type of particle, so how is warm water different than cold water? Model these differences in your zoomed-in bubble. Introduce key term- kinetic energy. Add definition on ISN p.24.
  4. Brain Break Video SegmentCan You Trust Your Eyes?, Can You Trust Your Ears?Will This Trick Your Ears?
  5. Set up Index– Count back 6 pages from end. Label first of those pages on top- Index. Draw a cross with a ruler to separate each page into 4 boxes. There should be 24 boxes. Label each box with a letter of the alphabet. Double up Q/R and X/Y. There should be one letter for each box with the exception of Q/R and X/Y. Now you are ready to enter the vocabulary word- Kinetic Energy p.24.
  6. Self-Reflection for ISN- MP1– Go to your Google Classroom for this task.
  7. Exit Tweet– What’s happening to the drink as it warms up?

Home Learning

ISN Self-Reflection in Google Classroom is due on Friday, 10/26