Tuesday, 10/30/18- A Day- Picture Day!

Lesson Question

What’s happening to the drink as it warms up?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do NowCopy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “States of Matter” p.27 (Right Side). Head p.27 properly with “States of Matter-Reading-10/30/18.″
  2. Model Tracker– Now that we have some agreement about what the particles in the model were like at the beginning when the water was cold and how the particles changed as the drink warmed up to room temperature, let’s update the Model Tracker on ISN pages 18-19.
  3. SimulationPhET States of Matter– Select water molecule & change temperature to Celsius. Make observations while making the molecules really cold and really hot. What observations do you have that are consistent with our class consensus model? How is our model different than this simulation?
  4. Reading Comprehension– State of Matter- Hot and Cold: What’s It All About? Tape States of Matter Reading onto ISN p.27.
  5. Exit Tweet– If particles of the drink are getting more kinetic energy over time, where is this energy coming from? What are three ways we could warm up the drink in the classroom? How could we get energy into the drink?

Home Learning

ISN’s are due this week!

  • Period 3- today!
  • Period 7- tomorrow 10/31
  • Period 6- Thu. 11/1
  • Period 7- Fri. 11/2