Friday, 11/16/18- A Day- Delayed Opening

Lesson Question

Where does the energy come from when a cold drink warms up?

Lesson Tasks

  1. Do Now/New seats/new Greeters– Science Joke of the Week: Do you know what I think about the Theory of Relativity?
  2. Science FridayFor the Love of Lichen
  3. How’s It Going Survey– Please complete the Google Form posted in Google Classroom. It is a first marking period survey to ask you, my student scientists, how things are going in science class. You can say whatever you want and your name is not on the survey. This is to help me learn what is and isn’t working in the classroom so that I can grow as a teacher. Please respond to the questions honestly. There is power in using your voice as it will help me change my instruction and become a better teacher!