Tuesday, 11/27/18- B Day

Learning Question

How does energy transfer into a cold drink when it warms up?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Open your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Revised Model” p.34 (Left Side). Head p.34 properly with “Revised Model-11/27/18.″
  2. Turn and Talk- Open your ISN to page 32. Look at the class data table- The data table supports our ideas about energy flow from hot to cold when there is a temperature difference between inside the cup and outside. But is this true in the same way for all of the cups that we tested?
  3. Model– It sounds like we know something is happening with particles colliding to transfer energy from warm air outside cup to cold water inside cup. Let’s make a diagram to make sure we agree on how this is happening. Look at your own initial  model on ISN p.16. Now turn to ISN p.34 and create a revised model to explain how energy got inside the cups. Present your individual model to your Cold Cup Design Challenge group and now as a group, complete the model of how you now think the drink in the cup is warming up.

Home Learning

Study Heat Thermal Energy (ISN pages 16-35) for a quiz on Friday, 11/30