Monday, 12/10/18- A Day

Lesson Question

How can we slow energy transfer into a cup?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and your Part 4 Design Tracker handout. Share your cup design with the person sitting next to you at the table.
  2. Work on Cup Designs– Use Part 4 Design Tracker to document the cup design that you will build and test, the rationales for each design component, and revisions made to your initial design. Brainstorm revisions to the initial design on ISN p.22 & discuss how you might use what you’ve learned to revise your designs or strengthen your justifications for features in your initial designs. Don’t forget you must satisfy each of the criteria and constraints on ISN.39! Draw a picture of your design in Section A of Part 4 and use words to explain your ideas. Record your rationale for each design component (ex. material choice & how it was used) in the table. For ideas from your initial designs that you want to keep, use the table on the back of the Design Tracker handout to explain what modifications you made to your design on ISN p.22 and why. Tape Part 4 Design Tracker as a flip page to ISN p.38.
  3. Scientists’ Circle– Share your revision ideas and justifications with the class.