Tuesday, 12/18/18- A Day

Lesson Question

How do the best designs and material differ from the worst designs and materials?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Open your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Observations of Materials” p.41 (Right Side). Head p.41 properly with “Observations of Materials- 12/18/18.″
  2. Sorting Materials– Categorize a list of materials into two groups- Best Performers and Worst Performers by drawing a T-chart on ISN p.41 and filling it in. What does each group of materials have in common?
  3. Observations of Materials– Set up ISN p.41 by writing the lesson question and drawing two Notice/Wonder T-charts, one for each of the Best Performers and the Worst Performers. Make observations of the materials provided by your teacher. Feel the material; press on the material; look at the material closely. Record your observations under the Notice side of your charts. Also record on the Wonder side of the charts any questions that come up as you observe. Observe close-up images of materials. Add to your Notice and Wonder charts. Share observations and brainstorm Wonderings. Now look more closely at the new cup. What do you notice about its design that is similar to the patterns we observed in our best performing materials?

Home Learning

ISN’s due this week!