Monday, 1/7/19- B Day

Lesson Question

How is energy getting into the cup, if not from collisions with air?

Lesson Tasks

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and open to page 16. Turn to the person who sits next to you and discuss the question: What would you now add to this model now? How would this model change?
  2. Scientists’ Circle– We know that air does a poor job of conducting heat through to the cold drink because it is bad at transferring energy through particle collisions. And we know that the double walls of the thick plastic cup are filled with air. Yet, the cold drink in that cup eventually gets warmer. How does this happen? What did we figure out was missing from our model for energy transfer into the cold drink?
  3. Complete Assessment– Use the class consensus model and ideas from the Model Tracker to draw a new model and write an explanation that answers the question: Why does the new cup work better than the regular cup?