Monday, 1/14/19- A Day

Lesson Question

How is energy getting into the cup, if not from collisions with air?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and open to page 43. Read the definition of Radiation. What does radiation have to do with getting energy into the cup?
  2. Scientists’ Circle– What are our ideas about radiation? How does radiation help us understand how energy is getting into the cup? So we think that invisible waves called radiation might be carrying energy into the cup and then the energy is moving into the drink through particle collisions (conduction). If we want to minimize energy transfer into the cold drink, we will need to figure out how to block those invisible waves. What procedure did your group come up with for the investigation?
  3. Blocking the Energy Investigation– Work in a group to design an investigation to test the question and conduct your investigation idea, given the constraints on materials. What are some important considerations when designing an experiment? Turn these considerations into a set of procedures for your group. Record your procedures on a master sheet. Copy your procedure on ISNp.42 before turning it in. Then draw a data table below your procedure. Fill in the column headings with the times that you will be checking the temperature in the cups. Fill in the row headings with the condition(s) that you will be testing. Your data table should match the procedures.