Thursday, 1/17/19- B Day

Lesson Question

How is energy getting into the cup, if not from collisions with air?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and open to page 42. Check your data table. What did you figure out from the data? Did you figure out how to minimize energy transfer by blocking waves from carrying energy into the cup?
  2. Blocking Energy Investigation– Summarize what you did and figured out on poster for curated gallery walk. Poster should include the following elements: 1.) Question at the top 2.) Description of experiment 3.) Copy of data table 4.) What you figured out from the data. You do not need to copy all procedures & materials onto the poster. You are encouraged to draw diagrams to illustrate what you did and what you figured out.
  3. Gallery Walk– Walk from poster to poster as a whole group. At each poster, each group will spend two minutes presenting their poster and two minutes asking questions. Discuss the following questions: What did we figure out from this experiment about the movement of energy? Did these results match your predictions? What surprised you about these results? Which condition resulted in the greatest amount of energy being transmitted into the cold drink? Why do you think that is?
  4. Video Segment- Heat Transfer- Crash Course
  5. Blocking Energy Diagram– On a separate piece of paper, draw the diagrams shown on the board.