Tuesday, 1/29/19- A Day

Learning Goal:

Students will be able to create a model that explains what happens to particle motion, temperature, and states of matter when heat energy is added or removed.

Learning Tasks:

State of Matter Changes HyperDoc on Google Classroom- Green ENGAGE section

  1. Watch the video of a different change of state phenomenon (evaporation, condensation, freezing, melting, sublimation, and deposition) by following the links on the HyperDoc.
  2. Record your observations of each phenomenon by sketching or writing in the blank space on the handout.
  3. Use the infographic to determine what state the matter was in and what state the matter turned into and record that in the appropriate spot on the handout.
  4. Think of another example of that change of state phenomenon and record that on the handout as well.

*You can continue to work through each section on your own and at your own rate: EXPLORE (yellow), EXPLAIN (pink), ELABORATE/EXTEND (blue), and EVALUATE (purple). You will show Mrs. Vigliotti your work at the end of each section.

Home Learning

If you do not finish a particular section on time, you will be expected to complete it outside of class.

The handouts for the green Engage and yellow Explore sections are due on Friday, 2/1 at the end of class. The final models will be handed in on Tuesday 2/5.