Thursday, 1/31/19-Delayed Opening Schedule

Homeroom  10:15-10:20
Period 1   10:23-10:49
Period 2   10:52 – 11:18
Period 3   11:21 – 11:47
Period 5   11:52 – 1:15 (lunch)
Period 4    1:18 – 1:45
Period 6    1:48 – 2:15
Period 7    2:18 – 2:45


Learning Goal:

Students will be able to create a model that explains what happens to particle motion, temperature, and states of matter when heat energy is added or removed.

Learning Tasks:

State of Matter Changes HyperDoc on Google Classroom- Yellow EXPLORE section

  1. Use the States of Matter: Basics  PhET Simulation to explore what happens to the particles in different states of matter by first clicking on States. Explore the simulation so that you know what each button does. Change the temperature from K to C by using the dropdown menu.
  2. Be sure to notice what happens when solidliquid, or gas is clicked at the top left.
  3. Start off with solids of each substance (Neon, Argon, Oxygen, Water) at the right. Change the temperature by sliding the switch up (and adding fire) or down (and adding ice).
  4. Record what happens in the data table on the handout by sketching the particles and writing a short description or explanation.
  5. Answer the question on the writing prompt on the handout.
  6. Use the simulation to record the temperatures of the different states of each substance in the data table below. Use the Celsius scale.
  7. Refresh the simulation and click on Phase Changes.  Here, there is the addition of a pump and a pressure gauge. Explore how pressure affects matter and the state that the matter is in. What is the relationship between pressure, temperature and the state of matter?
  8. Answer questions 1-3 on page 4 of the handout.

*You can continue to work through each section on your own and at your own rate: EXPLORE (yellow), EXPLAIN (pink), ELABORATE/EXTEND (blue), and EVALUATE (purple). Before moving onto EXPLAIN, bring your handouts to Mrs, Vigliotti to show her what you have explored about heat energy and pressure and the effect they have on changes of state.

Home Learning

If you do not finish a particular section on time, you will be expected to complete it outside of class.

The handouts for the green Engage and yellow Explore sections are due on Friday, 2/1 at the end of class. The final models will be handed in on Tuesday 2/5.