Monday, 2/11/19- B Day

Learning Goal:

Students will be able to create a model that explains what happens to particle motion, temperature, and states of matter when heat energy is added or removed.

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Put your name on your paper and answer the following question:Describe what happens to matter when it changes state. Give an example.
  2. State of Matter Changes HyperDocComplete the model that describes/explains the particular change of state phenomenon that you and your partner chose. Don’t forget that your model should feature the following changes: Particle motion, temperature, change of state of matter. Your model should include the following: Observable and unobservable features; The passing of time (ex. before-during-after); A key to show how you are representing different things (ex. How are you representing particles? What is showing temperature?); Writing- Explain how the evidence from your explorations supports your model.
  3. Scientists’ Circle– Each student/pair will present one of their models to the rest of the student scientists. We will come to a consensus about what happens to matter when it changes state.