Monday, 2/25/19- B Day

Lesson Question:

How do different factors affect an object’s speed? How does an object’s speed affect its impact?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do NowCopy down your Home Learning assignment in your planner. Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Calculating Speed p.55 (Right Side). Head page 55 properly with “Calculating Speed-Investigation-2/25/19.”
  2. Scientists’ Circle– Looking back- What did we just do? Looking forward- What are our next steps?
  3. Video/Scientific Language Key WordCheck for Understanding-Watch “Expedition 2: A Universe of Motion” to meet Matt Brumbelow, a research engineer. Record the lesson question on ISNp.55. Set up ISN p.55 to record the definitions of the following scientific language keywords: reference point, displacement, distance, speed, velocity. Record the same terms and page numbers in the Index in the back of your ISN. Also, set up ISN p.55 to answer the “Check for Understanding” questions on the reading assignments.
  4. Crash Protection Device Design Challenge– Your goal is to design a crash protection device that will absorb enough energy during a car crash to save lives. What materials do you want to use? Why will those work? Are there design features you want to include? Use ISN p.54 to draw an initial design model and ask questions you could investigate to find answers that will help your design. You do not need to agree on a design right now.

Home Learning:

Read the “Calculating Speed and Determining Velocity Lab” posted in Google Classroom (in Classwork Tab under Today).