Monday, 3/18/19- A Day

Lesson Question:

If speed has an effect on the impact of collisions, what happens if an object changes speed?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Writing Prompt p.56” (Left Side). Head page 56 properly with “Acceleration-Writing Prompt-3/18/19.”
  2. Notebook Work– Complete the last entry on the DQST (ISN pages 50-51) for the Acceleration Lab. Tape the Acceleration lab as a flip page to ISN p.57 and copy the question from the board onto ISN p.56.
  3. Write/Pair/Share– Write a response to the prompt: “People say they can “feel” acceleration. What are they actually feeling? Explain this feeling in terms of your new understanding from this lab.” Pair with your partner and discuss your response. Be prepared to share with the class. Then watch this video, and revise your thinking and writing.
  4. Scientists’ Circle– Looking Back- What did we just do? What did we figure out last time? Looking Forward- What are our next steps? What question do we need to address? What direction do we need to pursue?