Wednesday, 3/27/19- B Day- Block Schedule Periods 1, 3, 5, & 7

Remember: As long as you act like a scientist when we do science, you will be treated as a scientist and conduct investigations. If not, you get to watch the rest of us do science.

Lesson Question:

What role does mass and velocity play in collisions?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s Home Learning tasks in your planner. Get out your science notebook and open to page 59. Write your name on the piece of paper and describe two factors that determine momentum.
  2. Investigation– Momentum- What role does mass and velocity play in collisions? Review Science Safety Regulations and complete Lab Safety Checklist– Before You Begin. Also, review Group Member Responsibilities.  For each section of the lab, follow directions modeled and given on the board and record data and observations in the handout. Start with Car 1 and record time until the car reaches the barrier. Calculate velocity and momentum. Then use Car 2 (with a 500 g mass) as a “barrier” and record the time it takes for Car 2 to stop & displacement it travels. Repeat this again, this time using Car 1 with a 500 g mass. complete the Reflect and Apply and Journal questions. Also, complete the Lab Safety Checklist-After Lab is Completed.

Home Learning:

Complete Cornell Notes on ISN p.59 for Momentum article