Tuesday, 4/2/19- B Day

Lesson Question:

What role does mass and velocity play in collisions?

Learning Tasks:

    1. Do Now– Copy down today’s Home Learning tasks in your planner. Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Examples p.58” (Left Side). Head page 59 properly with “Momentum-Examples-4/2/19.”
    2. Momentum Examples– How will the vehicles react in the following situations? 1. A large truck is stopped on road and a small car hits it from behind. 2. A small car is stopped and hit from behind by a large truck. 3. Two cars of equal mass moving at same speed collide head to head. Pair with your partner to discuss each situation and write a description of how the vehicles will react on ISN p.58. Be prepared to share with the class.
    3. Driving Question Summary Table– Complete the DQST on ISN pgs. 50-51 for the Momentum lab.

Home Learning:

Motion Quiz on Friday, 4/5– STUDY ISN pages 47-59