Thursday, 4/4/19- B Day- Block Schedule Periods 2, 4, 6, & 8

Lesson Question:

What happens when objects collide? How can we design a crash protection device to absorb enough energy during a car crash to save lives?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s Home Learning tasks in your planner. Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Performing Crash Tests p.61” (Right Side). Head page 61 properly with “Performing Crash Tests-Field Assignment-4/4/19.”
  2. Field Assignment- Performing Crash Tests– Introduce the Field Assignment. Set up ISN p.61. Watch the Expedition 2 Field Assignment Car 1 & Car 2 videos. As you watch, you may pause the video or rewatch it as much as you need. Record your observations of the Car 1 & Car 2 collisions in the T-chart on ISN p.61. Using your observations, fill in the Venn Diagram on ISN p.61 with differences in the ways the cars react to the collision written in either the circle for Car 1 or the circle for Car 2. Then fill in similarities in the ways the cars reacted in the overlapping part of the circles. Discuss with your group and answer the question on ISNp.61: What could be causing differences?
  3. Putting Pieces Together– Take stock- Identify and consolidate ideas you have figured out across your investigations about motion. Put pieces together- Come to a consensus on how the pieces explain what happens when objects collide. Develop a public representation of how the pieces fit together.
  4. Educational VideoUnderstanding Car Crashes- It’s Basic Physics

Home Learning:

Motion Quiz tomorrow, 4/5– STUDY ISN pages 47-59