Tuesday, 4/23/19- B Day

Lesson Question:

What happens when objects collide? How can we design a crash protection device to absorb enough energy during a car crash to save lives?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your signed field trip permission form. How will the vehicles react in the following situation? Write your name and your answer on the piece of paper. Two cars of equal mass and moving at the same speed collide head-to-head.
  2. Reading Comprehension– “Air Pressure” ReadWorks article- In preparation for our field trip to the New England Air Museum, we’re going to learn a little about flight. To understand how flight works, we have to take a look again at air, something that we investigated when we studied about matter. And when looking at air, and more specifically air pressure, we are also taking a look at collisions. So keep in mind what we’ve been learning about speed, velocity, acceleration, and momentum as we read about the collisions of air particles.

Home Learning:

  • Motion Summative Assessment on Friday, 4/26– STUDY ISN pages 47-59
  • Get Field Trip Permission Form signed- due Friday, 4/26