Friday, 4/26/19- A Day

Lesson Question:

What happens when objects collide? How can we design a crash protection device to absorb enough energy during a car crash to save lives?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do NowGet out your signed field trip permission formTurn to your partner and tell your partner everything you know using the following scientific language: reference point, distance, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, momentum, inertia. Now get out your science notebook and check yourself. The unit starts on ISN p.47
  2. Science Friday- Etched From the Mind
  3. Motion Summative Assessment
  4. Putting Pieces Together– Take stock- Identify and consolidate ideas you have figured out across your investigations about motion. Put pieces together- Come to a consensus on how the pieces explain what happens when objects collide. Develop a public representation of how the pieces fit together.