Monday, 5/6/19- A Day

Lesson Question

How can engineers use their understanding of air pressure to make airplanes fly?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents on the Left Side- Fun with Bernoulli p.62. Head page 62 properly with Air Pressure- Fun with Bernoulli-5/6/19.
  2. Investigation– The Paper Tent- Fold a piece of paper (lengthwise) in half and make a paper tent. Place the paper tent on your desk. Predict what will happen when you blow into the tent. Will it appear to get larger, will it remain unchanged, or will it bend down toward the table? Position the straw about 2 inches away from the paper tent so that you will be able to blow a steady stream of air across the surface of the table or desk and through the tent. Observe what happens and complete worksheet. Now blow harder into the straw. Alternately, you can also turn your paper tent upside down and blow through the V-shaped paper. Trim & tape “Fun with Bernoulli” worksheet onto ISN p.63
  3. Field Assignment– Performing Crash Tests- Expedition Challenge- Naked Egg Drop