Friday, 5/17/19- B Day- SBAC Testing Periods 6 & 7 (Math PT)- Regular Schedule Periods 3, 4, 5, 1, & 2

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your science notebook and add to the NEW Table of Contents- “Cover Page p.67” (Right Side) and “Mars Rover Anchor Phenomenon p.69 (Right Side). Head page 69 properly with “Mars Rover-Anchor Phenomenon-Observations-5/17/19.”
  2. Science Friday- To See Gulls Anew
  3. Notebook Work– Add Unit Title to Table of Contents- FORCES. Trim and tape Table of Contents to as a flip page to the inside front cover.
  4. Exploring Anchoring Phenomenon/Write-Pair-Share– Watch the following videos of the Curiosity rover’s touchdown on the surface of Mars- one of the most complicated & challenging spacecraft landings attempted by NASA: 7 Minutes of Terror: The Challenges of Getting to Mars- NASA and Mars Rover’s 7 Minutes of Terror- National GeographicWhat do we notice? As you watch, WRITE your observations/what you noticed on ISN p.69. PAIR with your table partner to share your observations with each other and search for things your observations had that were alike and things that were different. SHARE with the full class. A member from each partner will share an observation from his/her discussion. These Initial Observations will be recorded as a class and you should record them on ISN p.69. Also, record on ISN p.69- What kinds of questions must scientists & engineers answer when designing a Mars robotic rover?