Thursday, 6/6/19- A Day- Block Schedule Periods 2, 4, 6, & 8

Lesson Question

What factors affect the motion of a rocket?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Copy down your Home Learning tasks in your planner. Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Rocket Investigation p.81 (Right Side). Head page 81 properly with “Rocket-Investigation-6/5/19.”
  2. Investigation– Rocket- Set up ISN p.81 with lesson question, dependent variable, independent variable, & constants (controlled variables). Review procedure. Set up Data Table on ISN p.81. Review lab safety expectations & cooperative table group member responsibilities. Conduct the experiment and record data in the data table on ISN p.81. Trim & tape procedure as a flip page to ISN p.81.

Home Learning:

ISN’s (science notebooks) due tomorrow 6/7

SEL Lesson- Effective Communication

  1. Watch video- Abbott & Costello’s Who’s on first?
  2. Small group- Make T-chart on paper with columns for  Effective and Ineffective Communication. List characteristics of each.
  3. Watch video-  How Miscommunication Happens and How to Avoid It TED-ed
  4. Small group-On your paper, show how you can demonstrate the following ways we can improve our effectiveness in expressing ourselves & understanding others. What do they look like? What do they mean? What is an example? Use words & sketches.
    1. Recognize that passive hearing and active listening are not the same.
    2. Listen with your eyes and ears, as well as with your gut.
    3. Take time to understand as you try to be understood.
    4. Be aware of your personal perceptual filters.