Monday, 9/23/19- B Day

Focus Question:

How can we have the best learning experiences in science class?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now Get out your signed safety contract and ISN. Put your name on the NEW Cover page and write “Thermal Energy Transfer” as the Unit Title on top. Add to the NEW Table of Contents-“Cover Page p.17” (Right Side).
  2. Scientists’ CircleHow to Have a Productive Scientific Class Discussion/Establish Norms for Discussion– Brainstorm how scientists find out what other scientists are working on or researching. How do you think scientists discuss? What kinds of words might they use? If two scientists disagree but need to work together to reach a solution, how might their conversations sound? As student scientists, we will need to discuss and we may disagree, so we need to figure out how that can happen productively. Let’s start by thinking about what might keep you from participating in a discussion. Let’s explore the ways people can feel slighted or attacked when they express an idea. What are the comments that classmates might be bothered by? How can we avoid those? And what should we do if someone makes a critical remark or says something disrespectful? Develop a class list of norms for accountable talk. Everyone’s voice has value, so how can we make it comfortable so that all voices contribute? Use the sentence starters on ISN p.7 to help you with our whole class discussion.
  3. Scientific Discussion Exit Ticket– “How did we do today in our discussion? What do we need to work on?” (in Google Classroom)

Home Learning:

  • Hopes & Dreams HyperDoc due tomorrow 9/24
  • Scientific Discussion Exit Ticket in Google Classroom