Monday, 11/4/19- B Day

Focus Question:

How does a lid affect what happens to the liquid in the cup?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Lid Investigation 2” p.33 (Right Side). Head p.33 properly with “Lid Investigation 2- 11/4/19.″
  2. Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER)– Review pooled class data & calculate average temperature change for both conditions. The average temperature changes represent what we think would be typical if we ran even more trials under the same conditions. Consider claims supported by data. Write down the Claim that you think was supported by our data on ISNp.30 (writing prompt: “A cup with a lid causes a hot liquid in the cup to drop in temperature less than in a cup without a lid.”) and then use our data as Evidence to support your claim (writing prompt: “The average temperature change for the cups with no lids was ____ and the average temperature change for the cups with lids was ____). Now write a Reason why you think it happened (writing prompt: “Here is the scientific reason that this evidence makes sense with this claim: _____).
  3. Turn and Talk Do you think anything was getting into or out of either of the two systems as the liquid in them was cooling down? How could weighing each of these systems at the start and end of an experiment like our first lid lab help us figure that out?
  4. Plan Investigation– Demonstrate how to use a digital scale. Identify the new dependent variable. Discuss the independent and controlled variables. Modify the procedure on the “Procedure for Measuring Changes in Mass in the Cups.” Work in your previous group to decide which steps of the old procedure should be modified for the new and which should be kept the same. Write your new procedure on the handout.