Monday, 11/11/19- A Day

Focus Question:

How does a lid affect what happens to the liquid in the cup?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Evaporation” p.35 (Right Side). Head p.35 properly with “Evaporation- 11/11/19.″
  2. Model– Pass out “Manipulative Mat for a Model of Matter at the Surface of a Liquid” handout and a bag of blue & some yellow chips to each partner. We’re going to develop a model together to show what is happening to the water that explains why the mass of the system decreases and why the water level drops over time. Take one blue chip and place it in the key. Label the chip as the smallest particle of water (in this case, a molecule). Particles are pieces of matter that are too small to see. Lay out the rest of the blue chips as they might look at the surface of the water if we zoomed in. How could you use the chips to show why the mass of the system and the level of the water starts dropping over time. How would you show where the matter is going? Show this with your model. We also need to represent air which is also made of particles but they are more widely spaced apart than in a liquid. Use the yellow chips to update your key and add air above the water.
  3. Scientific Language Key Word/Concept– Add the scientific language keyword/concept, definition, illustration, and examples to ISN p.35.
  4. Driving Question Summary Table– Update the DQST on ISN p.22-23 for the Cup Lid Labs on ISN pgs. 30-33.