Tuesday, 11/12/19- B Day

Focus Question:

How does a lid affect what happens to the liquid in the cup?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s home learning task in your planner. Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Explain & Predict” p.34 (Left Side). Head p.34 properly with “Explain & Predict- 11/12/19.″
  2. What We Figured Out– Tape this as a Flip Page to ISN p.35.
  3. Formative Assessment– Using Our Model Ideas to Explain & Predict- Introduce the phenomena on the handout by reading the text together. Apply the ideas in the DQST on ISN pages 22-23 and the “What We Figured Out” to answer the questions.
  4. Self-Reflection on My Learning, Mindset, & Resilience/Grit This Quarter (MP1)- Assignment #007 in Google Classroom

Home Learning:

Complete “Self-Reflection on My Learning In Science (MP1)”- Assignment #007 in Google Classroom