Monday, 2/3/2020- A Day

Focus Question:

How does a sound source make something like this happen?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Please get out your ISN and copy down today’s Home Learning in your planner. Add to the Table of Contents- Questions/Investigation Ideas p.57 (Right Side). Head p.57 properly with Questions/Investigation Ideas-2/3/2020.
  2. Develop Initial Questions– What questions do you have? On ISN p.57, jot down at least 3 questions you have that relate to what we have observed so far. To help you brainstorm your questions, look back at your Notice & Wonder T-charts (p.55), your initial model (p.54), your related phenomena (p.56), & the class consensus model (p.54).
  3. Driving Question Board (DQB)– Pick one of the questions that you wrote on ISN p.57 and rewrite it big and bold on an index card using a marker. Put your initials on the back of the index card. Share your question and post it on the driving question board in the back of the room.
  4. Ideas for InvestigationBelow the Questions that you listed on ISN p.57, make a new section titled: Ideas for Future Investigations and Data We Need. Now consider the question: What kinds of investigations could we do and/or what additional sources of data might we need to figure out the answers to our questions? Make a list of possible investigations below your section title on ISN p.57.

Home Learning:

Complete the Sound Waves Unit Phenomenon Routine Checklist Google slides (#011) due on Wed. 2/5 or Thu. 2/6