Wednesday, 2/5/2020- A Day- Block Schedule Periods 1, 3, 5, & 7

Focus Question:

What is happening when speakers and other music makers make a sound?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Please get out your ISN and copy down today’s Home Learning in your planner. Add to the Table of Contents: “Analyzing Data p.58” (Left Side). Head p.58 properly with “Analyzing Data-2/5/20.”
  2. Observe slow-motion video of instruments and speaker– Set up a T-chart on a flip page to ISN p.59 with a column for “Slow Motion Videos” and a column for “Observations.” Record your observations of the slow-motion videos of the speaker, guitar, drum, and tuning fork.
  3. Analyzing our instrument data/Building Understandings Discussion– Use the observations that you made to answer the following questions on ISN p.58: What patterns or similarities did you notice in how the different objects you observed moved while making sounds? What patterns did you notice among the instruments and the speaker? Use the questions in the Building Understandings Discussion handout to describe patterns that you noticed in your observations. Tape the handout as a flip page to ISN p.58.
  4. Work on completing Sound Waves Unit Phenomenon Routine Checklist Google Slides (#011) and/or States of Matter Changes HyperDoc (#010)

Home Learning:

Complete the Sound Waves Unit Phenomenon Routine Checklist Google slides (#011) due today 2/5 or Thu. 2/6