Monday, 2/10/2020- B Day

Focus Question:

What is happening when speakers and other music makers make a sound?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Please get out your ISN. Add to the Table of Contents: “DQST p.62” (Left Side), “DQST p.63” (Right Side), “DQST p.64” (Left Side), “DQST p.65 (Right Side). Do not write a heading on those pages!
  2. Apply Instrument Model Individually– After modeling what happened to the drum once a force was applied to it, individually apply the model to a different instrument (like a guitar) in the next table of your handout. Your models will be collected at the end of class.
  3. Driving Question Summary Table (DQST)- Set up ISN pages 62-65 as DQST pages. In each two page spread, write the driving question for the unit across the top of the pages: “How can a sound make a thing move?” Then divide the right side pages into 3 columns: “Lesson Question,” “What did we do?” and “What did we observe? What happened?” Divide the right side pages into 2 columns: “What do you think caused your observation? (What we learned)” and “How does this help us understand the driving question or phenomenon?” Finally, complete the DQST on pages 62-63 for the Lesson Question: “What is happening when speakers and other music makers make a sound?” Use your investigation observations on ISN pages 58-59 as a resource.