Tuesday, 2/18/2020- B Day

Focus Question:

Do all objects vibrate when they make sounds?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Please get out your ISN and copy down today’s Home Learning in your planner. Add to the Table of Contents: “Laser & Mirror Demonstration p.67” (Right Side). Head p.67 properly with “Laser & Mirror Demonstration-2/18/20.”
  2. Write-Pair-ShareAnswer the following question on ISN p.67: Would you expect any object that makes sounds to move in the same way we saw the musical instruments and speaker move? Why or why not?
  3. Laser & Mirror Demonstration– Drum & Broomstick- We’re going to aim a laser at a mirror that will reflect the laser dot onto the wall so we can see it. Then we will make a loud sound on the table by banging on it. On the handout, “How do objects move when they make sounds?”, make a prediction of the possible outcomes in Part 1. Then, as we carry out our investigation, record our data on Part 2 of your handout. Make a claim from evidence on Part 3 of your handout.

Home Learning

Readings– due on Friday, 2/21– Where else are lasers used to detect vibration? (Reading 1: “Engineers Measure Big Ben’s Bell” and “Reading 2: The Vibrating Moon”) Read the two articles and then answer the questions