Wednesday, 2/26/2020- B Day- Block Schedule Periods 1, 3, 5, & 7

Focus Question:

How do the vibrations of the sound compare for louder versus softer sounds?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Please get out your ISN. Add to the Table of Contents: “Characteristics of Waves p.71” (Right Side). Head p.71 properly with “Characteristics of Waves-2/26/2020.”
  2. Data Analysis from Speaker & Stick Data– Observe the four graphs from the speaker & stick data. On ISN p.68, write the heading “Data Analysis.” Record the patterns that you see. Look for similarities and differences within and among the graphs. Write complete sentences starting with “I notice…” Point out important features of the graphs.
  3. Discussion About Amplitude & Frequency/Characteristics of Waves Notes– On ISN p.71, write the definitions for amplitude & frequency. Connect a greater amplitude to a louder sound.
  4. Driving Question Summary Table (DQST)– Update the DQST on ISN p.62-63 (or 64-65) for the “Motion Detector” investigation on ISN pgs. 68-69.