Grading Policy

  • Homework: 10% of your grade
  • Learning Activities & Interactive Science Notebook: 40% of your grade
  • Assessments: 50% of your grade

Homework is an opportunity for you to review skills and show your understanding of the new concepts that you are learning in class. Sometimes you may be asked to connect what you already know to an upcoming lesson. It is generally written on the left side pages of your interactive science notebook and may consist of questions, diagrams, graphs, or a summary/conclusion.

Learning Activities are designed for you to reach learning objectives.  These activities may include reading from content sources, answering discussion questions, participating in activities and labs, or completing graphic organizers.

The Interactive Science Notebook is a culmination of both the content that you are learning and the reflective knowledge that you can express regarding the unit objectives. It is graded with the Interactive Science Notebook Rubric.

Assessments are to let you know whether you understand the learning objectives.  They are given as feedback for you to assess your learning as we progress through a unit.

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