Report Card Grades

What is a grade? What is it supposed to do? What is the purpose of it?

A grade is a communication of your learning. School is about learning and achieving mastery in standards and skills that will help you be a successful person.

Instead of asking about your grade, tell me what have you learned recently and how can you prove that you know it?

Your marking period grade will be based on:

  • Interactive Science Notebook
  • Scientific Explanations (Explanatory Writing, Model, One Pager/Infodoodle, Performance Task, Engineering Solution, etc.)
  • Self Reflections

You will not be penalized for late work.

There is no extra credit. Instead, you can always do more practice or revise your work after you have received feedback to show mastery of a standard or a skill.

You will be asked to reflect about your own learning either as a written reflection on your interactive science notebook or by filling out a Google Form about a learning task.


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