Interactive Science Notebook

An Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) is a tool that you will use to make connections before learning a new concept, to revise your thinking as you learn, and to deepen your understanding of science and the world around you.

The interactive notebook is a culmination of both the content that you are learning and the reflective knowledge that you can express. When you look at your interactive notebook, you will see your own progress over time. You will see your learning and growth throughout the school year. It is like you are writing your own science textbook that documents the year’s learning. It will be something that you can continue to look back on. Remember- real scientists keep journals and you will practice the same protocols and procedures that scientists do.

For each unit, you will find in your interactive science notebook:
The Unit Cover page
The Constructing the Driving Question Summary Table (DQST) page
The Input and Output pages
The Self Reflection page
The How to Write a Scientific Explanation page

In each unit, you will be given the opportunity to gather information from multiple sources in order to come to a conclusion about a question or idea.

Resource: Teaching Science with Interactive Notebooks by Kellie Marcarelli

Click here if you need the Interactive Science Notebook Rubric and click here if you need the Table of Contents.


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