Resources- What to Do if You Get Stuck & What to Do if You Finish Early


You are doing your homework or studying for a quiz at home and you come to a question or a concept that you realize you do not understand. No one around to ask for help. You need a contingency plan! What should you do? How can you help yourself?

The following is a list of online science video resources that can help you:

Tyler DeWitt

Study Jams

Crash Course

Crash Course Kids

TED-Ed Science


Spangler Science TV




Periodic Videos

Contingency Plan For What To Do If You Are Still Stuck…

It is better to make an educated guess than to leave a question blank. Or write “I didn’t understand” (NOT IDK!) with an explanation of why you didn’t understand or what you are confused about.

I’m Finished, Now What?

If you finish early with work, try one of these suggestions.

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