Tuesday, 1/22/19- B Day

Lesson Question

How is energy getting into the cup, if not from collisions with air?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Write an answer to the following question: What is the difference between conduction and radiation?
  2. Article– “Extreme Temperatures May Pose Risks To Some Mail Order Meds”

1. Listen to a reading of the article.

2. Read the first page of the article, and circle any Fascinating Ideas.

3. In the space at the top of the first page, write down the Central Idea or main message of the article.

4. Now, continue to the next page of the article, while you are reading, circle any Fascinating Ideas. In the space at the top of the second page, write down the Central Idea or main message of the article. Has the central idea changed?

5. Repeat Step 4 for pages 3 & 4.

6. At the bottom of page 4, write 3 Fascinating Ideas, 2 Central Ideas, and 1 Question You Still Have

Home Learning

Unit Assessment on Friday, 1/25


Tuesday, 10/30/18- A Day- Picture Day!

Lesson Question

What’s happening to the drink as it warms up?

Learning Tasks

  1. Do NowCopy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “States of Matter” p.27 (Right Side). Head p.27 properly with “States of Matter-Reading-10/30/18.″
  2. Model Tracker– Now that we have some agreement about what the particles in the model were like at the beginning when the water was cold and how the particles changed as the drink warmed up to room temperature, let’s update the Model Tracker on ISN pages 18-19.
  3. SimulationPhET States of Matter– Select water molecule & change temperature to Celsius. Make observations while making the molecules really cold and really hot. What observations do you have that are consistent with our class consensus model? How is our model different than this simulation?
  4. Reading Comprehension– State of Matter- Hot and Cold: What’s It All About? Tape States of Matter Reading onto ISN p.27.
  5. Exit Tweet– If particles of the drink are getting more kinetic energy over time, where is this energy coming from? What are three ways we could warm up the drink in the classroom? How could we get energy into the drink?

Home Learning

ISN’s are due this week!

  • Period 3- today!
  • Period 7- tomorrow 10/31
  • Period 6- Thu. 11/1
  • Period 7- Fri. 11/2

Wednesday, 5/2/18- A Day- SBAC Testing- Math CAT 1- Periods 2, 6, & 7

  • Testing Periods: HR, 3, & 4
  • Class Rotation: 1, 2, 5, 6, & 7

Learning Tasks:

*Period 2- Collect ISN’s

  1. Do Now– List 3 strategies from the video on Cornell notes
  2. Cornell note-taking strategy– Use the Cornell note-taking sheet & apply strategy while reading Chapter 3 Student Reading on Density. Model how to fill in first main idea & supporting details. Remember, you can use sketches in Cornell notes too!

Home Learning-

Density Assessment on Tue. 5/8

Science Notebooks (ISN’s) due as follows:

  • Tomorrow 5/3- Period 3
  • Friday 5/4- Period 7

Monday, 3/19/18- A Day


How do changes in density cause patterns of ocean currents?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Class Announcement– Let me have your attention, please. I have meetings during most of the day today. Please remember to treat the substitute kindly by being respectful and cooperative and using self-control. Your task is described below. I look forward to hearing from the substitute about your good behavior and attention to your learning task!
  2. Student ReadingOcean Circulations ReadWorks article and Connection Web graphic organizer- Read the article on Ocean Circulations. In the graphic organizer, write the following Connection in the oval in the center: Unequal heating of the Earth and changes in water density cause patterns of ocean currents. While you read the article, record Supporting Details in the rectangles that help illustrate the connection between heating or density to ocean currents. When you are done reading and recording supporting details, write a paragraph on the back of the graphic organizer.

Wednesday, 12/20/17- A Day

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now–  Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Brainteaser Quiz: One day Kerry celebrated her birthday. Two days later her older twin brother, Terry, celebrated his birthday. How could this be?
  2. Reading Comprehension– Snowflakes Newsela article
  3. Active viewingSnowflake Safari and Growing Snowflakes in a Bottle


ISN’s are due this week! 🙂 Per.7- tomorrow, Per 6- Fri.