Friday, 12/1/17- B Day

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your ISN and open to pages 18 and 19. Work out the following problem: Mr. Golinski is always yelling and with such a deep voice. On the other hand, Mrs. Vigliotti has such a quiet, high pitched voice that she is sometimes hard to hear! How would a graph of the vibrations in Mr. Golinski’s voice box compare to a graph of Mrs. Vigliotti’s voice box?
  2. Science FridayThe Vampire Squid and Where’s the Octopus?
  3. Driving Question Summary Table- Complete the Summary Table on pages 18-19 for the Loud vs Soft Sound investigation on pages 26-27 and the Higher vs Lower Notes investigation on pages 28-29.

Home Learning:

STUDY for the Sound Source Quiz on Wed. 12/6– ISN pages 15-29


Wednesday, 11/22/17- A Day- Early Dismissal Schedule- Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Science!

  1. Do Now– Ask the person who sits next to you if he or she will eat turkey tomorrow. If not, what will be eaten instead? Also find out if he or she prefers apple pie or pumpkin pie or no pie at all. Get out your ISN and open it to p.26
  2. Notebook work- Cut the conclusion from the packet and tape it to ISN p.26. Tape the rest of the handout onto ISN p.27.
  3. Science FridayMeet the Balloonatics
  4. Educational video– Does tryptophan in turkey make you drowsy?Chem Matters: Flavor Chemistry- The Science Behind the Taste and Smell of Food5 Tips for a Better Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Chemistry

Friday, 11/17/17- B Day


How do the vibrations of the sound source compare for louder vs softer sounds?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and add to the Table of Contents- “Loud vs Soft Sound p.27” (Right Side); Head page 27 properly with “Loud vs Soft Sound- 11/17/17.”
  2. Science FridayBeauty Beyond Skin Deep
  3. Investigation– Loud vs Soft Sound- In your cooperative table group, answer the “Planning Our Investigation” questions. Then use the range finder probe to detect distance from a student volunteer to the probe over time, moving closer to and farther from the probe and at different speeds. Describe how the graph changes. Observe an object, the wooden stick, at rest. Describe the shape of that graph. Answer the questions on page 1 of handout.

Friday, 11/10/17- A Day- Early Dismissal Schedule

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– What happened yesterday while I was at PD?
  2. Science FridayBreakthrough: The Killer Snail Chemist
  3. How’s It Going Survey (Google Form) in Google Classroom- This is a first quarter survey to ask you, my students, how things are going in science class. You can say whatever you want and your name is not on the survey. This is to help me learn what is and isn’t working in the classroom so that I can grow as a teacher. Please respond to the questions honestly. There is power in using your voice as it will help me change my instruction and become a better teacher!

Friday, 12/3/17- A Day


Are other objects that produce music also moving back and forth when they make sounds?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and open to your DQST on pages 18 & 19.
  2. Science FridayWelcome to Hotel Nematoda
  3. Driving Question Summary Table- Complete the Summary Table on pages 18-19 for the Instruments Investigation on pages 22-23.
  4. Next Steps Class Discussion- Are the observations made with the instruments also true for other objects that produce sound? Could you use the model your class made to explain how the instruments made sounds to also explain how any object produces sound? How could we investigate this further?
  5. Index- Count back 6 pages from end. Label first of those pages on top- Index. Draw a cross with a ruler to separate each page into 4 boxes. There should be 24 boxes. Label each box with a letter of the alphabet. Double up Q/R and X/Y. There should be one letter for each box with the exception of Q/R and X/Y. Now you are ready to enter the vocabulary word Vibration.