Wednesday, 5/23/18- B Day

JASON Project Operation Terminal Velocity- Expedition 2: A Universe of Motion- Stage 1- On the Move

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now- On the lined piece of paper: Describe a play in football (or a homerun in baseball or movement in any sport). Watch the video. Now explain that play using scalars (distance, speed) and vectors (displacement, velocity).
  2. Continue to work on the following reading assignments:


  • Talking About Motion– This article describes how all motion is relative to a reference point. The article also covers the difference between distance and displacement and the use of vector arrows to describe movement.
  • Rates of Change– This article defines rate as the amount of change in any measurement over time and gives several examples.
  • Speed- A Scalar Quantity– This article discusses three different ways to examine speed–instantaneous, constant, and average speed. The article also describes why speed is a scalar quantity and how to calculate and graph speed.
  • Velocity- A Vector Quantity– This article defines velocity as a vector quantity representing both speed and direction and distinguishes it from speed. The article also describes how to calculate and graph velocity.

*Links to the above articles as well as guiding questions to accompany them are found in Google Classroom.